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Different Types of Commonly Used Metals

Different Types of Commonly Used Metals

Many different types of metals are used around the world for many diverse purposes. Many metals are used in applications for everyday life—almost every home has different elements made of metal, from stainless steel appliances to the screws and bolts that hold furniture together. Check out this guide to the different types of commonly used metals.


Iron is often considered old-fashioned, but it’s still commonly used in many items today, including kitchen materials such as cast-iron pans and wood-burning stoves. Iron has a very high melting point, so it can withstand extreme temperatures without melting. Mainly composed of steel, it’s one of the Earth’s most common elements, found in both the inner and outer core of the Earth.


There are many kinds of steel, including the very common alloy steel and stainless steel, which is actually a form of alloy steel. Stainless steel is used in many ways in daily life—most kitchen appliances are made of stainless steel due to its outstanding resistance to corrosion. It has a high amount of chromium, which creates a protective barrier that prevents and slows the formation of rust and other corrosive materials. Overall,


Aluminum first appeared in the 1825 and has only grown in popularity since then. Commonly used in soda cans and for cooking, it’s a very malleable metal that’s even more corrosion-resistant than steel. It’s one of the more difficult metals to make, and it doesn’t contain any iron, which is rare for metals.


Copper is another old-fashioned type of metal. Once the copper begins to become corroded, it naturally forms a green oxidized layer that prevents any further corrosion, allowing it to stay intact and functional for centuries. Copper is used in pipes, electronics, and machinery—even the Statue of Liberty is made out of copper.

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