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The Differences Between Sports Bikes and Cruisers

The Differences Between Sports Bikes and Cruisers

Motorcycles are one of the most historic engine-based vehicles in the world. There are many uses for them in various shapes and designs. Some people want to ride their bikes on empty roads and enjoy the scenic views like in the 1969 movie Easy Rider. These bikes are called cruisers, and they serve that purpose. Others use their bikes to race across various road surfaces, through turns or laps, with the intent to have the fastest time and win first place. These are known as sports bikes. The differences between sports bikes and cruisers are important to know, like the styles, engines, and purpose of each bike. Read on to decide which one to get.

Sports Bike

Sports bikes are motorcycles specifically built for motorcycle racing. They have plastic fairings that cover the body with low-mounted, clip-on handlebars. Riders must crouch and use their bodies to turn the bike through deep lean angles. There are many types of sports bikes depending on the type of race. The MotoGP, one of the most notorious motorcycle races today, incorporates purpose-built, two- to four-stroke, four-cylinder engine bikes. On the contrary, the AMA (American Motorcycle Association) Superbike Championships use modified bikes with different performance upgrades to ensure faster track times and easier handling. There are many top-notch sports bike brands featured in races, such as Ducati, BMW, Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, and Kawasaki, to name a few.


Alternatively, cruisers refer to road-safe, recreational motorcycles. These are distinguishable by their riding position, which typically places the feet forward and hands up. The rider stays upright and can shift comfortably if needed. Unlike sports bikes, cruisers do not offer immense horsepower as they are designed for recreational travel. However, power cruisers offer more horsepower, stronger brakes, and better suspension than typical cruisers. The most reputable cruiser brand on the market is arguably Harley Davidson due to its significance in American culture. Still, some other major companies include Indian, BMW, Triumph, and Moto Guzzi.

Which One Should You Get?

The type of bike you choose depends on your lifestyle and riding experience. While you don’t have to be a professional motorcycle racer to ride a sports bike, you must keep in mind the powerful engine performance these bikes have. Cruisers are better starting bikes due to their lower horsepower and easier touring capability; however, the hand and body placement are drastically different than for sports bikes. Another difference between sports bikes and cruisers is in the clothing necessary for riders of each bike. While cruisers require a simple helmet, leather jacket or windbreaker, and sunglasses to protect your vision, sports bikes require a complete protective suit and motorcycle helmet that protect every part of you in case of a serious fall or accident. Keep these in mind when you choose your next motorcycle.

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