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The Most Groundbreaking Innovations in Dentistry

The Most Groundbreaking Innovations in Dentistry

Everyone has to go to the dentist to maintain their oral hygiene, whether they like it or not. If people don’t care of their mouths, they could face severe damage down the line. Luckily, dentists have several tools at their disposal to ensure their patients’ oral health. This article will detail the most groundbreaking innovations in dentistry—perhaps you can discuss these inventions the next time you’re in the dentist’s chair.

Oral X-Rays

We all know how uncomfortable it is to get an X-ray at the dentist. As uncomfortable as the process is, oral X-rays help dentists determine whether any problems are going on that they can’t see on their own. Dentists use these tools to whether you need a filling or a root canal. Without this equipment, dental experts would have a challenging time locating any issues and determining how to fix them.


Handheld drills are definitely some of the most groundbreaking innovations in dentistry. It’s challenging to imagine how dentists ever operated without them. Could you imagine someone chipping away at your sore tooth because they didn’t have the tools to do it any other way? That sounds incredibly painful! Handheld drills allow oral health professionals to scrape away at a tooth and more effectively resolve issues. The mouth is a very delicate area, so dentists must be able to get in all the nooks and crannies. That’s why handheld drills were a true game-changer.

Curing Lights

Not too many people know what a curing light is. This is surprising, because it’s one of the most important tools dentists have at their disposal. A curing light uses LED technology to create fillings for cavities. Essentially, oral health experts use these devices to perfectly mold a filling to someone’s tooth. The heat from the LED light melts the material down so that the dentist can manipulate it however need to. Without curing lights, many patients wouldn’t get the proper care they needed.

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