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How to Improve Control Room Productivity

How to Improve Control Room Productivity

Control room operations are a major part of many industries, in large part because of the many cyber threats that are out there. Control room operations can also be incredibly demanding, due to long hours and the level of intensity that can come with it. Discover how to improve control room productivity with these various methods.

Improve Sightlines

It’s essential for control room operators to have the ability to see the data that is presented on a screen. This means having good sightlines so that work can be easier to complete. If this is an issue in your control room, one way to improve this is to change the sightlines of your workspace. This way, operators can more efficiently extract information.

Add Video Wall Systems

A great addition you can make to your control room is to add video wall systems. While improving sightlines can be a vast improvement for your control room, video wall systems can make data even more accessible. Plus, they have plenty of other benefits that can improve productivity.

Invest in Ergonomic Furniture

A major detractor for operators that can hinder productivity is being uncomfortable throughout the workday. One way to avoid this issue is to get ergonomic furniture like standing desks and 24-hour use chairs. This can greatly reduce the work-related injuries that operators may suffer from; that will help them remain on task more regularly.

Let in Natural Light

The last option you have to improve productivity in a control room is to let in natural light. While this can be difficult with the number of screens in a control room, natural light is known to improve productivity in any workplace.

Utilizing these methods on how to improve control room productivity can have a major positive impact on many industries, ranging from healthcare to the military.

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