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Debunking Common Car Cleaning Myths

Debunking Common Car Cleaning Myths

Everyone has more time to tackle household projects right now. Be productive while you’re social distancing and organize your kitchen pantry or clean your vehicle. However, you should be aware that there’s a wrong or a right way to wash your car. This article will debunk three common car cleaning myths, so you know what to avoid when taking on the task.

A Professional Wash Is Better

Professional car wash companies make millions of dollars every year. People all over the country visit these establishments because they’re super convenient. However, there are so many reasons to wash your vehicle at home. For starters, professional car washes waste so much water. If you wash your ride at home, you can fill a bucket with soap and H20, so you don’t run the garden hose too long. Also, performing an at-home car wash allows you to customize things to your liking. Nothing will get misplaced if you do the job on your own.

A Car Wax Is Unnecessary

Lots of car owners think that getting a car wax is unnecessary, but in actuality, there are many benefits associated with the different types of car waxes that everyone should know about. For starters, certain waxes can prevent from scratching. There’s nothing worse than when a giant scratch appears on your ride out of nowhere. Also, car wax can prevent from fading so that your automobile looks brand new once again. Please don’t skip the car wax when you’re washing your vehicle. You’ll prolong the life of your ride if you utilize this product.

Any Old Product Will Do…

A common car cleaning myth is that it’s safe to use any product on your vehicle. This sentiment couldn’t be further from the truth. Car owners must study products before they buy them to make sure they won’t ruin the ride’s finish. This also holds true when discussing drying materials. Please, don’t dry your ride with any old rag you have lying around. Instead, car owners should invest in microfiber towels that are super absorbent and better for the environment.

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