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Best Safety Devices for Commercial Buildings

Best Safety Devices for Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings seem like mundane structures to pedestrians. However, a lot of work goes into managing a safe, functional commercial building. Making sure your office is protected by the best safety devices for commercial buildings, such as those that comply with building codes, effectively protects employees inside. Take a look at this comprehensive guide to ensure you’re taking the right protective measures in your commercial building.

Fire Alarm System

For a commercial building to abide by the proper building codes, a fire prevention system will have to be in place. Devices such as smoke detectors, heat detectors, and manual pull stations should be placed strategically throughout the building and the individual offices inside. There are several factors you have to consider when installing a fire alarm system, such as pricing and supplier reputation. You also have to make sure you have suppression systems installed, such as sprinkler and clean agent systems, as well as fire extinguishers.

Security Alarm System

Not only do pedestrians in the building need to be protected from fire hazards, they need to be protected from outside forces as well. The building itself, as well as the offices within it, should have effective security alarm systems protecting entrances and exits. These alarm systems also go hand-in-hand with security surveillance systems, such as cameras placed throughout the commercial building and its offices.

Access Control System

An access control system utilizes security badges, proximity readers, and electronic locks to monitor and allow pedestrians to enter certain sections of the building. With this form of security in place, you can keep pedestrians from entering areas containing dangerous materials or equipment. Likewise, it can work as a good pairing with a security alarm system to keep intruders out of private areas.

Now that you know the best safety devices for commercial buildings, you can make sure your building is properly outfitted for day-to-day functions. These are the best safety systems, but there are other systems put into place for other reasons. For instance, surge protection devices protect electrical systems throughout the building from voltage spikes. These buildings may seem like simple structures we see every day, but a significant amount of effort is required to ensure safety, security, and efficiency in the workplace.

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