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5 Powerful Tips for Enhancing Your Child’s Confidence

5 Powerful Tips for Enhancing Your Child’s Confidence

Confidence is a hard thing for a lot of people. From a young age, people look at themselves and find the things they want to improve or the areas of themselves that they don’t like. This leads to a lack of confidence and self-esteem that can last for years. As a parent, there are things you can do to help foster your child’s self-esteem, even at a young age. Learn some tips for enhancing your child’s confidence below—your kids will thank you!

Start and End with Affirmations

Honest, sincere affirmations are a wonderful way to build confidence in your children. When you start and end the day with phrases that affirm the effort they put in and the personality they’re building, you’re creating a solid routine. Helping your child to get into the habit of speaking positively toward themselves, rather than tearing themselves down, creates building blocks toward a confident future. Here are a few affirming examples to get you started!

Allow Them to Fail

When parents get into the habit of fixing everything so that their children never fail, it creates an inauthentic idea of what life will be. Failure is a part of life, and the more you can help them accept that, the better. That means allowing them to fail—even in the small things—so that they can learn to pick themselves back up.

Encourage Perseverance

Once they’ve failed, encourage perseverance. Don’t let them fail and then give up completely. Remind them that these goals or tasks are possible and there for them to accomplish. When kids fail but then persevere, it helps bolster that confidence. Think about it—if you fail, try again, and accomplish something, you’re that much happier with the outcome and your ability to push through adversity. Kids feel that same thing.

Facilitate Passion

When people find passion, they gain confidence. Their refulgent attitudes shine through their work; their confidence grows because they’re working on something they love. When you help your children to find their passions and follow through with them, you’re helping build their confidence. It may seem small, but when you help your child delve into their love for writing or a particular sport, you’re encouraging passion. In doing so, you’re enhancing their confidence.

Embrace Imperfection

This is something that’s on you to embrace, just as much as it’s on you to teach your child. Imperfection does not mean that you are less worthy. Comparison does not make anyone feel better. The more you believe these things, the more your child will. Embrace imperfection—love who you are and all that you are. Your child will learn that from you.

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