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Advantages of Solid Rubber Tires

Advantages of Solid Rubber Tires

Everyone who works in construction knows that efficiency and productivity determine how much money the company makes. They also know that the equipment they use—such as skid steers—requires quality tires and attachments that won’t fail. If you’re looking to take your skid steer fleet to the next level, you need to ditch pneumatic or segmented solid tires and get solid rubber tires. If you’re searching for the advantages of solid rubber tires, we’ve got you covered. Continue reading to learn more.

No more unnecessary downtime

Unlike pneumatic tires that can experience punctures, tears, and ultimately flats, solid rubber tires are flat-proof. You can operate the skid steer in virtually any condition without fear of getting a flat. If nails, screws, and other debris get in the tires, you don’t have to worry about removing the debris and patching any inconsistencies. You can simply continue working and have no downtime because of a flat.

Unsurpassed durability and maintenance-free

Since nothing can flatten the tire, you have absolutely no maintenance to worry about other than changing the tire when the treads run down. When you do change your solid rubber tires, most of them come from suppliers with the rim attached which makes replacement very easy. Also, make sure you’re working with a company that has the rims attached. The reason is that your rims can wear down over time along with your tires, so it’s best to change both the tire and the rim at the same time.

Increased operator comfort

Many machine operators find themselves sore or having major back issues later in their careers because of the rough ride. Luckily, you can buy high-quality skid steer tires with cushioning that combines the comfortable ride of a pneumatic tire with the durability of a solid rubber tire. If you or your team has a smoother and more comfortable ride, you’ll be much more productive.

With so many advantages of solid rubber tires, your skid steers deserve an upgrade. Invest today to save yourself from downtime tomorrow and have tires that will last longer than any pneumatic or solid rubber segmented tire.

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