Socially Distant Things to Do This Summer

Socially Distant Things to Do This Summer

The COVID-19 pandemic has flipped life as we know it upside down. As social distancing measures extend on from spring into summer, finding fun ways to spend your time can be difficult. While this summer will certainly be different, there are still plenty of activities to do to give you a taste of normalcy.

Get Outdoors

After a long spring when stay-at-home orders were implemented across the country, getting outdoors is the perfect change of scenery. There are plenty of socially distant things to do this summer from the safety of your backyard. Grill up some new recipes, start a garden, or camp in your backyard for an adventure that feels like a mini vacation. With proper safety measures—like wearing a mask and avoiding contact with those you haven’t previously interacted with—public outdoor spaces are also great options for getting out and away from home. Have a picnic in a local park or take on a new fitness goal like running.

Road Trip

Just like spending time outdoors, with the proper safety precautions, road trips can still be viable options. If you have a group of friends you have been safely interacting with through the pandemic, take on a road trip with your friends for a fun adventure. Be sure to research what locations are safe to travel to and maintain proper social distancing throughout your trip.

Indoor Activities

While summer is a great time to get outdoors, taking a break from the summer heat is sometimes necessary. Make your indoor activities summer-themed to switch up the activities you’ve previously been doing during the pandemic. Try making homemade ice cream or popsicles, host a beach-themed Zoom party with friends, or work on a summer reading list with books that will transport you into a pandemic-free world.

COVID-19 has certainly created new challenges for having a fun and adventure-filled summer. Getting outdoors, taking a safe road trip, or switching up your indoor routine offer many choices of social distant things to do this summer.

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