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Tips for Staying Sober and Safe Through the Pandemic

Tips for Staying Sober and Safe Through the Pandemic

Recovering from alcoholism or any other form of addiction is no easy task. Every day, you make a conscious decision to stay sober. That decision often relies on the help of a support system and constructive coping mechanisms such as therapy or a healthy diet and exercise. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted many people’s usual routines, communities, and support systems. Combined with the added stress of job complications or state-wide health and safety measures, finding sobriety may be more difficult than ever. Remember, though, that you’re not alone. Find the help you need with these tips for staying sober and safe through the pandemic.

Remember the Consequences

If you’re sheltering in place, it’s easy to feel like the rest of the world has faded away. However, the real-life consequences of drinking still exist, even in a world dealing with the coronavirus. It’s important to remind yourself why you want to stay sober, especially when stressors and temptations make you want to rationalize a drink or two. Remember the physical and mental effects of addiction and how they can harm your life. Remind yourself that there are personal, financial, and professional consequences to drinking. Knowing the cons of drinking again can help you make smart and safe decisions when the temptation to drink arises.

Take Advantage of Online Resources

Having a good support system is essential to every stage of recovery. One of the most important tips for staying sober and safe through the pandemic is to maintain that support system. With social-distancing measures in place, many forms of counseling or support groups have stopped meeting in-person. Fortunately, these same groups are figuring out ways to meet and provide their usual resources in an online format. Video calls, forums, and other virtual resources are at your disposal, so take advantage of them. From crisis hotlines, to online communities, to endless information, there’s no end to the resources you can find on the internet.