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The Most Effective Employee Training Methods

The Most Effective Employee Training Methods

Employee training is at the core of any business. Within the majority of all business organizations operating today training employees is standard procedure, whether it’s training for new hires or for continual development and understanding. How this training is done depends entirely on the employers, as larger organizations tend to have internal training departments or outsource trainers, while smaller organizations train hands-on or on the job.

The employee training method provided to staff can be the greatest game-changer to boost employee retention rates and increase the business’s overall efficiency. Leadership and management are the head honchos of this game, and if they desire to win, they need to ensure learning outcomes are met by their staff. Let’s take a look at a few of the most effective employee training methods businesses tend to work with.

Coaching or Mentoring

While we can agree no perfect teaching method exists, coaching, mentoring, or apprenticeship can be an effective means for education on the job. Employees with a direct mentor have a golden opportunity to receive training individually from an expert or professional with experience. This 1-on-1 training expansion facilitates confidence to help individuals excel in their careers.

Throughout each step of the learning path, a mentee can ask questions so a mentor can share their knowledge. The employee learns directly like a shadow as they watch their mentor do things in real-time in a personalized learning structure. This method can be more comfortable and informative for certain employees who would flounder in a classroom setting, and can also be done by virtual means.

e-Learning Courses

One of the most effective employee training methods has to be online learning. In our ever-expanding digital era of technology and innovation, e-learning is the best delivery-style method. Since a learner can self-pace and access the courses and assignment via Wi-Fi and an electronic device, it’s flexible and convenient. Due to the circumstances that many of us find ourselves in, face-to-face training may feel like a method of the past with the increase of online training. This method is extremely cost-effective to save businesses time and money, with an immersive instructional design.

Instructor-led Training

Certain employers are required by law to give employees certain information and education. This is when traditional instructor-led training can come to fruition. Such training can depend heavily on the industry. A variety of diverse training programs exist for the purpose of fulfilling requirements. For example, within medical or healthcare fields, only certain people can administer OSHA training for workplace health and safety. These OSHA trainer qualifications are pertinent in order for external sources to give effective instruction.

Outsourced trainers are experts in their field, and are instructors who target training methods to help employees feel more confident, productive, and efficient. When employees are able to fulfill their job responsibilities and contribute to their team, proficiency becomes the new name of the game.