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Nature’s Grace: The Best Places to Retire for Outdoor Lovers

Nature’s Grace The Best Places to Retire for Outdoor Lovers

Though retirement may seem far-off in the future, it’s never too early to start planning and saving. As you put more money aside for your retirement, start to think about where you want to go when you retire. Do you really want to stay in the same place you are now? Or do you want to go out and start living the life of an adventurer? If you love nature, you don’t have to sacrifice a smart retirement for an outdoor retirement. We list some of the best places to retire for outdoor lovers, below. You’re sure to love the freedom and natural beauty these places offer!


Colorado is a wonderful place to retire for a few different reasons. There are so many gorgeous towns to choose from, such as Telluride, Boulder, Colorado Springs, and more. For nature enthusiasts, Colorado has endless activities all year long—that’s not an exaggeration. People love Colorado for its unlimited access to nature; you can hike, go whitewater rafting, ski, go bird watching, and so much more. The cost of living is a bit above the average, but it’s well worth it.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica has an infinite number of places for people to fall in love with. Places like Los Sueños offer wonderful housing options that get you right up close with some beautiful natural wonders you can explore. Costa Rica, in general, is a wonderful place to retire—the cost of living is low enough that you can live a life of luxury you may not have been able to in the states. The locals are friendly, the national parks are incredible, and the biodiversity of the country is some of the best in the world.


A lot of Alaska is an untamed world of vast landscapes ready for you to explore. Towering mountains, tons of animal species, and beautiful lakes are just a few of the things you’ll get to see if you choose to retire in Alaska. Places like Anchorage are wonderful for retirement because of the culture, national and state parks, harbors, and cost of living. It’s a breathtaking place to retire.


You may think Portugal is a great retirement spot for city lovers, but it’s also amazing for nature lovers. You get the best of both worlds when you decide to retire in Portugal—it has enchanting and vibrant cities with some of the most beautiful natural areas on the outskirts. There are things like the Penada-Gerês National Park, Madeira, and so much more to wander around throughout your retirement. You’ll never get bored if you decide to retire in Portugal.


Similar to Colorado, Utah has many outdoor activities available year-round for people to enjoy during their retirement. There are the typical mountain sports, but there are also many parks across the cities available for other fun, recreational activities. Horseback riding has never been more beautiful than in the mountains of Utah. It’s a calm state with an enchanting atmosphere you could get lost in.

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