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How Do I Protect My Eyes From Electronic Devices?

How Do I Protect My Eyes From Electronic Devices?

As people living in a modern age, we stare at electronic screens all day long. One of the downsides of an increase in technology usage is that these screens damage our eyes by way of blue light and glare. Learn exactly how to protect your eyes from electronic devices.

Try Computer Glasses

Your best bet in protecting yourself from the effects of blue light is to wear computer glasses. These glasses come with blue light blocking lenses that will protect your eyes as you spend time using a computer. Computer glasses are also comfortable and come in a great variety of styles.

Use Screen Filters

Phones and computers have blue light filters that you can turn on. You can typically find this in your settings, and it automatically changes the tint of your phone or computer screen. You can also buy blue light protectors to place on your screen.

Keep Your Computer Screen Away From Sunlight

Glare can be detrimental to your eyes, which is why you need to keep your computer screen away from sunlight. Utilizing blinds or keeping your screen away from windows are key ways to avoid any eye damage that may come from the sun.

Give Yourself Enough Distance

A foolproof way to protect your eyes from screens is to keep enough distance between yourself and the screen. It can be easy to move close to a screen without even noticing it, but this is a bad idea for your eyes. So, try to keep your face an arm’s length away from the screen as you use it.

Give It A Break

It’s important to regularly give yourself a nice break from screen use. The 20-20-20 rule is something that has grown in popularity to combat eye strain. The rule states that for every 20 minutes of screen use, you should look at something 20 feet away from you for 20 seconds. When it comes to knowing how to protect your eyes from electronic devices, this is one of the most underutilized tips that can make a big difference.

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