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5 Signs It’s Time to Buy Yourself a New Car

Beating up the current vehicle you own until it fails you is a common practice, but this can eventually leave you in bad situation. You can also, however, not notice when your vehicle has had enough. Look for these signs it’s time to buy yourself a new car.

A Major Repair

If your car needs a major repair that will cost you thousands of dollars, you might want to start looking for other vehicles. Putting money into repairs every now and then is fine, but if you need to make a major repair, you have to ask yourself if your car is worth it.

It’s Unsafe

Safety should be your number one concern with any car you own. You don’t want to risk getting in an accident if your car doesn’t have the proper safety features. If you can’t trust your vehicle for your commutes, this is a clear sign it’s time to buy yourself a new car.

Parts Are Hard to Find

There may come a point where it can become difficult to find parts for your vehicle due to age. If you can’t continue to fix your vehicle, don’t wait for it to have a complete breakdown—get a new one.

High Mileage

As you drive your vehicle more and more, you continue to add more mileage to your car. Most vehicles can only go up to around 200,000 miles before major issues occur. If your vehicle reaches this point and it isn’t a Jeep—which are known for going well beyond this mileage—this may mean it’s time to upgrade.

It’s Paid Off

A major part of getting a new car that holds people back is whether they can afford a new one or not. If you already paid off the car that’s giving you issues, then it may be easier to take on a monthly car payment for a new vehicle. Not to mention, you can put money in your pocket by trading the old car in in, so start looking for a new one to buy.

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