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Thoughtful Holiday Gifts for Grandparents

Thoughtful Holiday Gifts for Grandparents

The holidays are fast approaching, and it’s time to get your shopping lists in order. Grandparents spoil their grandchildren all year long, so now is the perfect time to make them feel special with a thoughtful gift. Show them how much you care with these four great holiday gift ideas for grandparents.

Ancestry kit

Help your grandparents turn back time and gift them an ancestry or DNA testing kit. These kits are particularly popular among older adults and are very easy to use. After mailing out a small DNA sample, your grandparents will be able to learn more about their ancestors and their heritage. Some ancestry kits provide information about an individual’s geographic origins throughout history, while others allow the user to connect with other members in their familial line. Your grandparents may even discover long-lost relatives they never knew they had. Ancestry kits also provide insight into an individual’s genetic makeup, which can yield beneficial information regarding a family’s past, present, and future health.

Digital photo album

Perhaps one of the most thoughtful holiday gift ideas for grandparents is to create a digital photo album of their most precious prints. Utilizing a photo digitization service, you can scan and upload your grandparents’ old photos and create a digital album that they can share with family and friends around the world. No photo medium is too obscure or outdated, and the newly digitized photos can be stored on hard drives, discs, or in the cloud for easy access and viewing. The digitized photos can also be recolored in order to display the image in its full beauty and restore the photo to its former glory.

Monthly subscription boxes

Keep the holiday spirit going year-round and give the gift of a monthly subscription box. These boxes come in all shapes and sizes and include a wide range of products, so you’re sure to find something your grandparents will love. Often, these boxes center their products around a particular theme or hobby. For the grandparents who often enjoy a quiet night at home in front of the fire, consider gifting them a tea- or wine-themed subscription box. For grandparents who prefer to walk on the wild side and feel most at home outdoors, consider gifting an adventure-themed subscription box, stacked with everything they need for their next epic excursion.

Tickets to an event

Experiential gifts are very popular and will provide your grandparents with a good time. Gifting tickets to a restaurant or event will give your grandparents an opportunity to dress up, hit the down, and have a great time. Your grandparents will be dancing in the streets with tickets to their favorite musician or a theatrical performance, or they can have a special dining experience with a gift card to their favorite restaurant. For a more understated experience, consider gifting tickets to a local movie theater instead.

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