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How to Reduce Downtime in Industrial Industries

How to Reduce Downtime in Industrial Industries

Reducing downtime in industrial industries is important to ensure your company’s success. When downtime issues occur, the stalled production can cost your company a considerable amount of money, hurt your reputation, and cause you to miss out on valuable opportunities. As industrial industries become increasingly reliant on data and technology, the negative impacts of downtime become increasingly pressing. As such, it’s important to find ways to diminish downtime as much as possible. To learn how to reduce downtime in industrial industries, continue reading.

Improve resiliency in your industrial network

Improving the resiliency in your industrial network is a great way to minimize downtime in your company. In doing so, single points of failure will be eliminated, and your network will have a greater amount of redundancies. Such features will prevent issues from completely shutting down your system. As a result, your network’s recovery rate will be increased in the case of a network failure or outage. Thus, downtime and productivity loss will be minimized.

Invest in preventative maintenance

Preventing an issue before it occurs is one of the best ways to eliminate downtime. Installing sensors can help improve your maintenance practices by detecting vibrations, temperature, and light conditions that may predict future equipment damage or failure. Such data can be sent back to a central point so that proper maintenance measures can be taken to prevent the issue before it occurs. As a result, downtime can be avoided entirely.

Evaluate your data collection systems

Addressing the main causes and sources of downtime in your company will help you avoid future downtime. To do so, evaluate your data collection systems to ensure that you are receiving pertinent information. To ensure that downtime can be kept to a minimal amount, your data collection system should be able to provide real-time access to your operational data. Such data will allow you to address the exact moment that a machine went down and find out how the malfunction correlated with other activities in the plant.

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