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5 Things Teenagers Should Know Before Getting a Job

5 Things Teenagers Should Know Before Getting a Job

There are many advantages to getting your first job as a teenager. Job experience, real-world lessons, and extra cash are all things your first job can give you. Despite all the perks, your first job search can be tough. To help, here are a few things teenagers should know before getting a job.

You Need a Good Resume

Potential employers use your resume to see what relevant experience you have. While most employers aren’t as strict with entry-level positions or candidates looking for their first job, it’s still important to build a quality resume. You’re not limited to job experience, either. Any leadership roles or extra-curricular activities you’ve participated in are a great way to supplement your resume when you don’t have work experience.

Social Media is Public

Employers want to make sure they’re hiring professional, dependable employees. Many companies look at social media profiles when considering their job candidates. If your Facebook, Twitter, or other social media accounts are public, your employers can see them, so keep an eye on what you post and share. Take particular care when posting pictures or sensitive information. If you wouldn’t want your bosses or coworkers to see it, it’s probably best to keep it offline.

Prepare for Your Interviews

Once you start getting interviews, there are a few things you can do to prepare. There are a few questions—such as what your strengths and weaknesses are, or why you’d be a good fit for the job—that are standard for almost every interviewer to ask. Practice answers to these common questions ahead of time so you’re more comfortable and confident in the interview.

You Might Need a Background Check

After the interview, your potential employer might require a background check before they offer you the job. Because background checks on minors work a little differently than on older individuals, the company will need your parent or guardian’s permission to perform a background check. Once this is done—provided the background check comes back with no issues—the company will officially offer you the job.

Work-Life Balance is Important

One of the most important things teenagers should know before getting a job is to set boundaries. Experience and income are great, but your work schedule should come second to school. While you might sacrifice the occasional party or basketball game, your extra-curricular activities should also be a priority. As your job becomes a bigger part of your life, remember to maintain a healthy balance between the two.

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