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Basic Lab Equipment Needed in Any Lab

Basic Lab Equipment Needed in Any Lab

Science laboratories are unable to function properly without various materials and equipment. While each lab’s equipment list will vary depending on its purpose, there are some types of equipment that you can find in all laboratory environments—and for good reason. Such equipment is essential to completing anything from basic laboratory tasks and practices to specialized procedures. To learn more about the basic lab equipment needed in any lab, continue reading.

Safety equipment

When it comes to gathering equipment necessary for your lab, safety equipment should always come first. To reduce the potential for accidents and manage them should they occur, it’s important to have the right equipment. Examples of essential safety equipment that you should have in your lab include eyewash stations, safety showers, fire extinguishers, and first aid kits.


No laboratory is complete without an ample array of glassware. Different types of glassware that you should have in your lab include beakers, flasks, funnels, and test tubes. Such glassware is essential for successfully completing a wide range of different experiments in your laboratory.

Tongs and forceps

In some cases, objects will be too hot or dangerous to hold with your hands. In such cases, tongs and forceps are necessary. Tongs are used to hold objects such as beakers and test tubes while forceps are designed to grab and handle small objects.

Lab stands

Unless you always want to hold your test tubes and other round-bottomed glassware, you must include lab stands in your lab. These stands come in many styles depending on the type of object they will hold. Common support stands are versatile stands with various rings and clamps to hold several different objects all at once while tripod and wire stands hold beakers and flasks on burners.

Bunsen burners

Heating, boiling, or melting solutions and chemicals is often required to successfully complete various experiments. As such, Bunsen burners are necessary in any lab. Bunsen burners are typically fueled by alcohol, propane, or butane and come in different styles.


When heating materials to extreme temperatures, crucibles are often required. Crucibles are small clay cups that typically come with lids. They can withstand intense heat without shattering or breaking as glass would.

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