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3 Ways to Make an Income Off Your Land

3 Ways to Make an Income Off Your Land

Owning your own land is something to be proud of, but it isn’t always cheap. Fortunately, a piece of land presents plentiful opportunities to make money. From pursuing hobbies like gardening to running a small business such as a bed and breakfast, there are many ways to make an income off your land. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

Start a Garden

Gardens are a great addition to any size home, but when you have a large space, they become one of the best ways to make an income off your land. Plant fruits or vegetables and take what you don’t eat to your local farmer’s market. Once you gain some experience, it’s easy to add more plants to your garden. A garden also grants you the added benefit of growing your food rather than buying it—a bonus to both your wallet and your diet.

Raise Livestock

Raising livestock is another way to create your own food source—and sell the excess at the market. What you can successfully raise depends on the land you have. Cows do well in large, healthy pastures. If you want milk but have less space, consider getting a couple of goats. You can also get the supplies to raise chickens and sell their eggs. A healthy hen will lay several eggs a week. The more chickens you have, the more extra eggs you can sell. Plus, with local and organic produce growing in popularity, the demand for farm-fresh eggs is high.

Vacation Spot

Scenic, rural areas are attractive even to people who live in the city. A large plot of land can be the perfect place for a weekend getaway. If you have the extra space—guest rooms in your home, or sheds or barns that you can convert—consider renting them out as a vacation spot. Apps like Airbnb make it easy to rent property out to guests. If you want, you can even run a traditional bed and breakfast. Alternatively, your land could serve as a profitable campground for visitors looking to connect with the great outdoors on their vacation.

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