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The Basics of Window Washing and Workplace Safety

The Basics of Window Washing and Workplace Safety

Though they often go overlooked by the general public, our local window washers play a key role in keeping our community looking beautiful and running smoothly. To do so, they’ll put themselves in harm’s way—climbing even the tallest of towers in our cities. That’s why they must always go into a job prepared for potential accidents. Learn about the importance of window washing and workplace safety to gain a new understanding of the risks these professionals face every day.

An Overview to Window Washing

Like many other careers that require climbing equipment, window washing poses a serious risk for falling from great heights. As such, this industry must assess the hazards at every job site before they begin, and workers must come equipped with the proper fall protection gear. However, it’s important to note that while this job also includes climbing, scaling the side of a building is significantly different from climbing a tower.

In a city with large buildings, the higher one climbs, the stronger the winds rushing between the buildings become. This greatly increases the fall risk of a window washer as well as further reduces the temperature already associated with those heights. It’s because of these conditions that window washers commonly use lifts to help decrease the amount of strain on their bodies.

Due to the hazardous conditions, window washers must also go under various training on how to respond to this type of work environment. This training often goes over how certain weather patterns can affect a person at those heights and how they should best react to keep themselves, and their team members, safe. These training sessions also discuss the different types of tools window washers typically use and how they should operate them. This ensures that the worker is always getting the best results and can respond accordingly if something malfunctions.

Overall, workplace safety isn’t just for those in the cell tower maintenance field. Anyone who climbs for a living needs to take special precautions to keep themselves safe on the job.


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