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6 Exciting Ways to Transform a Spare Room

6 Exciting Ways to Transform a Spare Room

It’s time to do something with that extra space in your home. Whether your kids have left the house or you want to make some use out of that guest room, we’ve got what you need for a successful transformation. Here are some of our favorite ways to transform a spare room, from creating a craft room to perfecting your home office.

Make a Home Office

If you’ve been working at the kitchen table or atop your bed, then it’s time to enhance your work space. Clear out that empty room and follow some of these ways to give your office a makeover. Pick a paint color that will help you focus and comfortable furniture pieces that will you working. You won’t regret transforming the unused space into a work zone.

Create a Craft or Hobby Room

If you love crafting, you’ll probably be much happier once you actually have a place to put all your yarn, fabric, or paints. Think about removing the carpet for more creative freedom if your artwork tends to get messy. Transform the room to fit your hobby—for example, if you’re not a big crafter but you love movies, think about installing a home theater instead.

Turn It into a Dressing Room

Transfer your clothing to the empty room to create a separate dressing area. You can make it as comfy or chic as you want. In fact, it’s actually better for your sleeping patterns to remove anything non-sleep-related from the bedroom.

Transform It into a Reading Room

A library room will be perfect for a family of book-lovers. Get floor-to-ceiling shelves, comfortable furniture, a water boiler for tea, and some calming candles, and you’ll be on your way to the most relaxing room in the house. Stock it with your favorite books, and watch your collection grow.

Use It as a Home Gym

A lot of people’s first inclination is to transform an empty room into a home gym. If you don’t like going to the gym, bring the fitness to your home instead. Add mirrors, a treadmill or stationary bike, weights, and whatever else you’d like. A hardwood floor is also ideal. Start off small with this room—you don’t want to pay for equipment if you’re not actually going to use it.

Make it a Green Room

Think about transforming your empty space into a green room. If you have a green thumb and the space gets a lot of sunlight, then this is an excellent choice. It can be quite the relaxing area, and it’ll improve the air quality in the home.

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