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How to Take Care of a Skid Steer

How to Take Care of a Skid Steer

There are plenty of reasons to own a skid steer. Many construction company owners have a few of them. Farmers also are known to regularly own and use skid steers. Skid steers work for almost any use a farmer, construction worker, or even a snow removal expert can think of. It is a truly versatile machine. For as much as skid steers help people out on their day-to-day projects, they can use a little helping too. For a skid steer to last and work to its full potential for years, it needs proper care and maintenance. Learning how to take care of a skid steer can be simple with these easy tips.

Check Before Regular Use

Every time a person sets out to use their skid steer, a few basic checks should take place to ensure it is working to the best of its ability and is safe to use. These checks can also provide crucial information in identifying issues before they fully arise. Prior to using a skid steer, the operator should do a visual inspection to better gain an idea if there are developing issues with corrosion, damage, or unexpected wear. Then fluid levels need to be checked. Running low on fluids can be a sign of a leak or a sign that further maintenance may be required.

Schedule Tire and Track Checks

After every few uses, a skid steer’s tires and tracks should be checked. These can wear out quickly, as the most intense pressure is typically put on these parts. A skid steer owner should always keep spare tires and tracks around since these parts may need replacing at a moment’s notice. The tires should always be inflated to the manufacturer’s specific directions, as overfilling the tires can be dangerous.

Maintenance Log and Warning Sign Tracking

Any form of maintenance performed on a skid steer should be recorded in a log. This log makes it easier to keep track of things such as time in between updates, maintenance that needs completion soon, and a reliable record of any abnormalities to watch for on the specific machine. Check and record things such as signs the skid steer needs motor service, is developing issues with leaks or wear, and more. This log can help keep skid steers running smoothly and keep owners on track with their equipment.

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