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Easy Ways to Adopt a More Organic Lifestyle

Easy Ways to Adopt a More Organic Lifestyle

I used to just buy whatever was cheapest. I formed this habit in high school, when money was truly scarce. Whatever blouse was cheapest, I bought. Whatever snacks cost less, I piled in my cart. As I grew up a bit and hit college, the same thing applied. The cheapest groceries I could find would end up in my kitchen—and when you’re buying the cheapest options, not a lot of organic food ends up in your system. An organic avocado or two might wiggle their way into your fridge, but that’s a rare instance.

Post-college, the concept of living an organic lifestyle began to really intrigue me. However, I didn’t even truly know what it meant, and trying it all at once seemed too daunting. The all-encompassing term “organic” threw me off—I couldn’t really see that living a more organic lifestyle didn’t necessarily mean ditching my ways altogether overnight. Even making some small, simple changes can have a big impact. Check out these easy ways to adopt a more organic lifestyle.

Start with skin care

So many skin care products are made with harmful chemicals that could damage your skin and the environment. Regardless of your reasons for making the switch to organic, skin care is a great starting point. There are tons of organic skin care products that can meet just about anyone’s needs. I personally replaced my liquid makeup remover, which wasn’t organic, with organic makeup wipes. Look into skin care products that might be comparable to what you currently use—you might even find something you love during this process.

Look for organic produce

No matter how you prefer to get your grocery shopping done—delivery, online, in-store, what have you—look for some organic options in the produce you regularly purchase. For example, I absolutely love red bell peppers. I chop them up and put them in an omelet for breakfast every morning; I cut them into sticks for dipping in hummus midday; and I love to toss them in a skillet for a delicious pan-fried dinner. My family will attest to my obsession. Anyway, I started buying my red bell peppers organic, and I found they tasted fresher, which encouraged me to cook them promptly. Simple, small changes add up. Try replacing your favorite produce with organic produce one by one, and watch as your diet shifts toward organic.

Try an organic wardrobe

When I found out clothing can be organic, I just about lost my mind. It’s true: clothing can be organic, and it’s amazing. There are tons of reasons to wear organic clothing. My favorite reason is how soft and natural it feels. My real favorite reason, though, might be that it gives me an excuse to go revamp my wardrobe, which is in serious need of an update—but the feel is nice, too! An easy way to introduce organic clothing to your closet is to seek out some reputable online boutiques and do some research on which of your favorite brands might offer organic lines to shop.

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