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Most Common Mistakes Made in Construction

Most Common Mistakes Made in Construction

Mistakes are bound to happen anywhere, but in certain industries, mistakes can be both harmful and costly. Therefore, you have to tread lightly in industries like construction. You can learn about some of the most common mistakes made in construction below.

Accidentally Cutting Through Utility Equipment

Construction projects often involve underground cutting. One possible mistake is cutting through utility equipment, such as gas lines, water lines, post-tension cables, etc., all of which can set a construction project back in many ways. That’s why many construction projects will use ground penetrating radars before they begin, so they can see what’s underground before they dig into it.

Going Out of Order

Another one of the most common mistakes made in construction is going out of order. A contractor might make the mistake of thinking it’s more convenient doing one step ahead of another, but there is a reason steps are set up in a certain order. Not doing work in order might end up increasing costs when a company must stop work to go back and address an error.

Inexperienced Workers

Numerous mistakes can result in serious injuries. A common reason why this might happen is because heavy-duty equipment operators might not have gone through the necessary OSHA training. The situations and equipment used in construction projects can be extremely harmful if people on a site don’t know how to properly handle them.

Using Old Blueprints

It’s also essential that you use up-to-date blueprints. A construction project naturally evolves, and working from old blueprints is another common mistake. Make sure everyone involved has the latest blueprints so workers can remain on the same page.

Not Reading Contracts

We are all guilty of ignoring large portions of fine print and going straight for the dotted line. Sometimes you can get away with it, but with construction, you will need to read over your contracts. Missing one line can cost you in a big way, so read it before you sign it.

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