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How to Use Social Media in Marketing During COVID-19

How to Use Social Media in Marketing During COVID-19

Many businesses are understandably struggling to determine how to shift their business practices amid the effects of COVID-19. Standard economic practices have become upended, so the way businesses market is going through a metamorphosis of sorts. Due to the increase in time consumers are spending online, social media has become one of the strongest marketing tools at a business’s disposal. To help your business take advantage of these opportunities, we’ve collected a few tips on how to use social media in marketing.

Target Your Audience

The best way to find leads and encourage engagement is to find the people who are most likely to be in the market for your product. Social media—Facebook in particular—is one of the best ways to gain attention from that specific audience. If you’re using Facebook Ads Manager, you’ll find you can build a custom audience. This allows the algorithm to accurately determine who to show your ads to.

Give Users an Escape

Being a resource for users is valuable, and that’s certainly an action you can take. Sharing valuable information can help your followers keep up with current events without having to dig too much. That said, many users still want a temporary escape—something positive to keep themselves occupied for a while. You can give this to them by mixing information on current events with fun resources such as video tutorials or museums and other places they can visit virtually from their own homes.

Stream More

You can also create your own useful content for your followers. Live streaming is more popular than ever, making it an ideal avenue to take advantage of. Do you sell makeup? Do you own a restaurant and have a ton of great recipes? Offer live demos and tutorials to your audience so that they can learn a new skill during their time at home.

Create Connections

The goal of any form of marketing is to gain customers for your service or products. As such, you’ll naturally want to continue to share promotions and grow your customer base. During this time, however, it’s equally important to focus on creating actual connections with your audience—and social media is an opportunity to show your human side. Engage with your audience, and ask them for feedback and what you can do for them. The difference between social media and other forms of advertisement is that you have the opportunity to show your human side and, therefore, become someone others want to support.

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