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How to Plan a Safe Girls’ Night Out

How to Plan a Safe Girls’ Night Out

As more communities move toward reopening their businesses, you can finally plan the girls’ night out you’ve been craving. However, even if we can gather with friends again, it’s essential to practice key safety habits. From drinking responsibly to maintaining social distancing measures, here’s how to plan a safe girls’ night out when you gather with your friends again.

Stay Connected

The buddy system exists for a reason. Whenever you go out with friends, make a point of sticking together throughout the night. Whether you’re hanging out inside or wandering through town together, it’s always a good idea to bring a friend along. Check up on each other, especially when you notice someone drinking too much or acting in an unusual manner. On top of keeping physical company, make sure you always have a charged phone on you in case you ever need to get in touch with someone or call for help.

Drink Responsibly

If your girls’ night involves alcohol, make sure everyone drinks responsibly. Never start drinking on an empty stomach. Be sure to pace yourself and stay hydrated throughout the night. A glass of water in between every alcoholic drink will help you stay hydrated and avoid a terrible hangover in the morning. Additionally, don’t accept open drinks or drinks from strangers. You should also plan a safe way home for everyone. Don’t let anyone in your group drive after they’ve had a drink. No one wants to deal with the consequences of a DUI, so make sure you all have a plan to get home safely after a few drinks.

Social Distance

Even as businesses reopen, it’s important to maintain social distancing measures. Stay up to date on health and safety guidelines from the CDC, your state, and any bars or restaurants you visit. Remember that your friends and all the fun times you have together will still be here later on—if you have to postpone to keep everyone healthy, do it. Everyone’s safety should be your group’s number one priority.

Have Fun!

We all need a night out with friends sometimes. As you focus on how to plan a safe girls’ night out, don’t forget to enjoy yourself. Follow these tips, take care of each other, and enjoy each other’s company as you spend some much-needed quality time together.

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