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Common Summer Skin Conditions to Look Out For

Common Summer Skin Conditions to Look Out For

As much fun as the summer months hold, it’s important to remember that discomfort may result, especially if you leave your skin unprotected against the sun’s intense rays and heat. When you spend more time outdoors, the risk of sustaining an injury, catching an infection, or developing areas of irritation increases. These occurrences can result in some common summer skin conditions that can leave you desperate for relief. Here are some of ailments to be aware of as you enjoy the summer season.

Acne Breakouts

The sweat and increased oil production that often results from the summer heat can quickly clog your pores and lead to painful and unexpected breakouts. If you happen to have particularly acne-prone skin, this combination could spell even more disaster. This is why many people tend to raise the frequency of their hygiene routines during this time of year. Removing excess sweat and washing dirty clothes more often makes it easier for you to prevent clogged pores and keep them from enflaming.

Eczema Flare-Ups

If you suffer from eczema, experiencing flare-ups in the summer also isn’t out of the question. This is a reoccurring skin condition that a variety of skin irritants can set off. Whether it’s contact with rough fabrics or the overall temperature of the environment, several things can cause an initial rash and bring a prickly itch along with it. The key to managing your eczema in the summer is to find gentle ways to care for your skin and allow it to breathe. This could be wearing looser-fitting clothing or even keeping out of the sun.


Sunburn is another common summer skin condition that occurs when a person spends long days out in the sunlight without applying the proper skin protection. Without sunscreen to reflect and block most of the harmful UV rays from reaching the surface of your skin, your skin can burn. This is much like what would happen if you touched a hot surface without protective gloves. Sunburns can be painful to the touch, making them excruciating when you need to move around. For this reason, wearing sunscreen and reapplying it often is crucial to avoiding unnecessary pain in the future.

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