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Top Benefits of Renewable Energy for Your Home

Top Benefits of Renewable Energy for Your Home

The current environmental catastrophe has many causes, including pollution, poor animal husbandry, and improper mining and deforestation practices. Many people are therefore seeking out new, greener forms of living to combat the effects of these industries. One such way is using renewable energy in the home. Here are some of the top benefits of renewable energy for your home that save money and promote sustainable living.

It’s Always There

One of the main perks of using renewable energy is that it’s, well, renewable. It never runs out. Modern technologies can generate power through solar, wind, hydroelectric, and geothermal energy sources. On the other hand, nonrenewable energy in the form of fossil fuels—specifically oil, coal, and gas—are limited. These sources decrease each day with constant reliance and use. Moreover, you won’t see any power outages or shortages from local power plants if your home uses renewable technologies such as solar panels. You’ll have constant energy supplied directly to your home without relying on large-scale corporations.

You Save Money

The top benefit of renewable energy for your home everyone loves is that it saves a considerable amount of money. While your neighbors spend increasing amounts on monthly energy bills, renewable energy for residential use is constant. Your monthly bills don’t fluctuate, saving you more money long-term. It also saves on maintenance costs, and there are no additional costs to refuel. Plus, in the United States, the federal government and some state governments will give a tax incentive known as the Federal Solar Tax Credit for residential solar panel installation. You might see a 26% tax credit for solar panels installed in 2020 or a 22% credit for those installed in 2021. Unfortunately, the FSTC is set to expire in 2022, so take advantage of it within the foreseeable future.

Boost Your Environmental Consciousness

Some people consider themselves true environmentalists. They value sustainable living and eco-friendly practices to reduce their carbon footprints and make a positive change in the environment. Some people have adopted new diets, transportation methods, or hobbies that promote green living, but nothing is more sustainable than using renewable energy. A home that uses solar, wind, or another reusable energy source proves the environmental consciousness of that homeowner. It can also increase property value for a neighborhood, given the cost-saving technologies involved.

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