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Machine Lubricants: What To Keep in Mind When Selecting One

Machine Lubricants: What To Keep in Mind When Selecting One

Anyone who works in an industrial industry knows how crucial machinery is to their daily operations. In addition to the machinery itself, they also recognize the importance of machine maintenance. If these previous scenarios describe you, then you’re on track to improving the lifespan of your equipment; still, there is one more important factor. Your machinery depends on lubricant to operate at peak efficiency and avoid breaking down early from friction. Anyone who works with machinery should learn about machine lubricants and what to keep in mind when selecting one. You can learn more in our guide below.

Read the machine’s manual

While most product manuals aren’t worth reading, that’s not true when it comes to a vehicle and industrial equipment manual. Many manufacturers provide lubricant suggestions in their manuals including the details of the desired lubricant, such as the viscosity rating. Additionally, most manuals will tell you which lubricants to avoid. If you’re using a low-quality lubricant or a lubricant that your machine isn’t meant to handle, you could damage your machine.

Synthetic vs. conventional lubricants

When you’re shopping for a lubricant, you’re likely going to find a lot of synthetic lubricants along with conventional lubricants. There’s good and bad to both lubricant options; for instance, conventional oil is typically more affordable and consists of mostly mineral oils. On the other hand, synthetic lubricants are usually clear and have a more favorable viscosity rating. In most scenarios, either synthetic or conventional lubricants will work fine, but it’s important to stay consistent. If you start with synthetic lubricants, it’s important that you continue using synthetic lubricants with that machine. Going back and forth between different lubricants can result in excessive grease buildup which leads to major problems.

Take the price seriously

For most people, the price of a product can make the purchasing decision for them. Moreover, people often determine a product’s quality based on its price; while that’s not always true, it absolutely is when it comes to lubricants. You invested resources into expensive equipment that’s essentially the backbone of your business—you shouldn’t skimp on the lubricant that allows your equipment to operate.

The best way to ensure you’re getting high-quality lubricants is to purchase them through a reliable supplier that clearly communicates the benefits of their oils and lubricants. As you can see, it’s important that you know what to keep in mind when selecting machine lubricants; otherwise, you may damage your equipment and experience downtime.

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