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The Pros and Cons of Cars with Turbochargers

The Pros and Cons of Cars with Turbochargers

As an automotive enthusiast, you want to know what kind of modifications and customizable features are out there when looking to purchase a potential car. A component you could go for to attain maximum performance is a turbocharger. This piece can give your engine the extra oomph you’re looking for. There are some reasons you might avoid turbocharged engines as well, though. Here are the pros and cons of cars with turbochargers.

The Pros: Increased Performance Power

People who like to upgrade their vehicles may install turbochargers to boost the output they can get from their engines. Turbochargers activate when exhaust from the engine enters them through a connecting port. The exhaust causes an internal turbine to rotate, which then causes another part called the intake turbine to push air into the engine. With more air, the car puts more fuel into the engine, resulting in greater power.

The design is nice because it utilizes exhaust that would otherwise just exit the vehicle without a purpose. A turbocharger can also push a smaller engine to perform better than normal, which can help you save money by performing upgrades rather than switching it out with another engine.

The Cons: Greater Maintenance Needs

Turbochargers aren’t without their weaknesses, though. Because you are adding an extra mechanical component to your car and pushing the engine performance higher than normal, there is a greater potential for something to break. In other words, you must be more vigilant with maintenance. The strain that the turbocharger places on the engine through higher pressure and temperatures can make the engine wear out faster.

A turbocharger also needs oil lubrication to work properly. You must make sure to change your car’s oil more frequently than with a regular car, and you must also use higher-quality oil. The last con of cars with turbochargers is that you must worry about unique issues such as turbo lag, where the turbocharger does not activate immediately after you press down on the accelerator. This can be disorienting when you’re driving, and you may need to make extensive changes to your car to minimize this issue.

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