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3 Alarmingly Common Workplace Fire Hazards

3 Alarmingly Common Workplace Fire Hazards

Fire prevention is something that all commercial businesses should prioritize day-in and day-out. A vital part of preventing fires is knowing the specific problems you should be monitoring the area for on a regular basis. Whether you oversee a small business or a large one, it’s at risk of these three alarmingly common workplace fire hazards.


Over long periods of time, dust accumulates on surfaces all over the workplace. If you don’t take the extra step to properly clean and maintain a healthy workplace, that dust build-up can turn from an eyesore into a full-blown fire hazard. The fire hazard that dust poses is one of the reasons that industrial facilities often have dust collection and various forms of ventilation in place.

However, it’s not just industrial facilities that need to worry about dust. Everyday offices have devices such as computers that should be kept free of dust to prevent dangerous combustions. Both types of workplaces will usually have to deal with different kinds of dust, though they all pose a threat regardless.

Power Sockets

Anytime a power socket is in use, it’s essential for all employees to avoid overloading it with multiple plugs or insufficient power strips. It might seem obvious to some, but others might assume that too many plugs in one socket will simply cause the lights to go out for a minute before returning to normal. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Overloading circuits can cause fires to erupt within the wiring before spreading out and doing more damage.

Flammable Liquids

This isn’t just a danger for large warehouses, as flammable liquids can be right in your very own office kitchen. No matter how little flammable liquid is present in the office, it should be properly handled, sealed, and stored to avoid contact with a spark or flame. The reality is that accidents happen, so it’s not uncommon for spills to occur in any workplace. If flammable liquid spills or leaks, even if it’s just a tiny puddle, thoroughly clean the area immediately.

Now that you’re aware of these three alarmingly common workplace fire hazards, you can take the right steps to keep your employees safe, such as performing regular inspections and investing in a high-quality commercial fire alarm system. Make sure to seek out reliable brands for your equipment, such as a Wheelock fire alarm, to ensure your workplace is under the watch of technology you can trust.

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