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3 Reasons to Own a Breathalyzer

3 Reasons to Own a Breathalyzer

Owning a breathalyzer may strike some as unusual, but it’s a lot more useful than one may think! While breathalyzers are often associated only with police traffic stops and rehabilitation facilities, it’s actually very beneficial to own your own even if you don’t drink often. Check out these interesting reasons to own a breathalyzer.

Educational purposes

It can be interesting to learn how little alcohol it takes to get a person to the point where it is no longer legal for them to drive. This is a good way to learn what your actual limit is so you can become a safer and more responsible driver. Learning about tolerance and how different things affect your body is important to learning more about managing your own health and safety, as well as the health and safety of those around you. Monitoring how your drinking habits affect your body is important to understanding how to best care for your body.

Providing peace of mind

After having a drink, you may feel fine to drive home, but it can be dangerous to even have one drink and drive. Keeping a breathalyzer with you can help you best determine if it’s safe for you to drive home. Even if you’re very sure of your ability to drive, it can’t hurt to do a quick double-check. Breathalyzers take mere seconds to produce results and confirm your suspicions that you’re perfectly safe to drive. This provides you and your loved ones with peace of mind knowing that you are safe and sound on your travels.

You work as or manage those who drive professionally

All professional drivers, whether this means someone who drives as part of a ride-sharing company, a semi-truck driver, a bus driver, and even a garbage truck driver should own their own breathalyzers. This can come in handy to log that one is sober prior to starting a driving work shift. It can also help prove sobriety in case of an accident or inquiry about the individual’s driving. A breathalyzer can come in handy for many occasions for professional drivers and the companies that employ them.

No matter your reason for owning a breathalyzer, make sure to get it recalibrated from time to time so it continues to provide accurate and trustworthy results.

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