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Ways to Improve Skid-Steer Loader Efficiency

Ways to Improve Skid-Steer Loader Efficiency

Skid steer loaders are versatile pieces of machinery that are used for a wide variety of applications—from small home construction projects to industrial excavating purposes. Whether you are renting a skid steer loader or use one regularly for your business, maximizing efficiency can help you save money. To learn about some of the most effective ways to improve skid-steer loader efficiency, continue reading.

Choose the Right Track Pattern for Your Application

The track pattern of your skid steer can have a large impact on its efficiency. If you choose the wrong track pattern for your application, you could end up experiencing a lot of track slip or even damage the skid steer and the surface you operate it on.

In addition, choosing the wrong track pattern can also result in a bumpier ride which puts excess strain on the driver. Such strain may lead to injury and premature fatigue that delays operation. As such, it’s imperative to choose a skid steer loader track pattern that is optimized for the surface it will be driving on to maintain maximum efficiency.

Practice Regular Machine Maintenance

If you’re renting a skid steer loader, this tip probably won’t apply to you. However, if you own your own skid steer loader, one of the best ways to improve its efficiency is to practice routine machine maintenance.

Essential skid-steer maintenance that should be done on a regular basis includes checking fluid levels, greasing pivot pins, lifting arms, cylinders, and bushings to reduce wear as well as inspecting and changing filters when necessary. By conducting regular maintenance, you can keep your skid-steer operating at peak efficiency and improve productivity.

Choose Over-the-Tire Tracks

Another one of the best ways to improve skid-steer loader efficiency is to use over-the-tire (OTT) tracks rather than just regular skid steer tracks. Unlike regular tracks, OTT tracks can be quickly put on and taken off. As such, if there is a chance of poor weather and it starts to rain, you can easily put on tracks and continue operating your skid steer.

However, if the weather is nice and the terrain is solid, you can use tires which typically are more cost-efficient to operate. By providing a quick and easy way to switch between tracks and tires, OTT tracks minimize downtime for enhanced productivity.

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