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Unique Outdoor Pets To Keep in Your Backyard

Unique Outdoor Pets To Keep in Your Backyard

Cats and dogs are most commonly thought of when you think of household pets, but what about pets kept outside the home? That’s right—outdoor pets are a great way to keep a few animals around without the household maintenance required by cats and dogs. Here are a few unique outdoor pets to keep in your backyard if you want the coolest pet in the neighborhood.


While fish can easily be an indoor pet, outdoor fish can be fun and exciting too! Of course, fish need a water source such as a pond, and you will need cleaning pumps for regular maintenance, but outdoor fish are otherwise easy to care for and can make your backyard feel more like a nature escape too.


Turtles can also be unique outdoor pets to keep in your backyard. Turtles are a great low maintenance pet to keep in your backyard, though they do require a specific habitat that provides water. Turtles are quiet, small, and harmless animals, which means you can simply let your turtle roam around its outdoor habitat.


Chickens are one of the more popular outdoor pets for families looking to add an unconventional member. Chickens are extremely loyal to their owners, keep unwanted pests out of your yard, and will provide eggs—adding to the enjoyment of owning a chicken. Be sure to familiarize yourself with tips for raising chickens, as some chickens may require more work than others.


Rabbits are another easy-to-care-for animal that can be kept as a pet in your backyard. As long as food, water, and shelter are provided, your rabbit will be all set for living in the backyard. You can even keep them in a hutch or allow them to hop around the yard freely, as long as you do have a shelter they can access at will. These animals are extremely gentle, which makes them a desirable pet to let roam in your yard.

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