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Keeping Fido Fit: Why Dogs Need Regular Exercise

Keeping Fido Fit: Why Dogs Need Regular Exercise

Everyone’s packed on a little weight because of the current climate. It’s very easy to find yourself stress-eating while watching the news. While occasionally indulging in a sweet treat is perfectly fine, many folks should start thinking about getting back in shape. This sentiment applies to your furry friend, as well. If you’ve noticed that Fido has packed on a few extra pounds this summer, you ought to read this article on why dogs need regular exercise. It turns out that there are more benefits than just looking cuter in pictures.

It Relaxes Them & Improves Mental Health

At one point in time, you’ve probably thought to yourself, how can one calm down an energetic dog? The best answer to that age-old question is to wear them out. Lassie needs some ways to release all their pent-up energy from the day. A quick walk will help them ease any anxieties they’ve been holding onto and improve their mental health. Now that everyone’s stuck at home because of the pandemic, folks know the uneventful days that dogs experience daily. Everyone—canine or human—needs an outlet to release their feelings, and exercise is the optimal solution.

Prolongs Their Life

Another reason why dogs need regular exercise is that it prolongs their lives. Everyone wants their loyal companion to stick around for as long as possible. Obesity is a major problem that millions of pups around the country have. Sadly, the side effects of this disease can lead to an untimely death. So, to ensure that Fido stays healthy and kicking, take him on a walk at least once a day, or play tug-of-war in the house. The more you tire your pup out, the longer they’ll be by your side.

It’s Good for You, Too!

As previously mentioned, everyone’s packed on a few pandemic pounds. Luckily, exercising with Lassie is an excellent way to shed that unwanted weight. Many people struggle with getting motivated to work out because the stressors of everyday life get in the way. However, framing exercise in a way that prioritizes your pooch’s health may just be the spark you need to get off the couch and get moving.

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