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The Best Materials for Laser Cut Logos

The Best Materials for Laser Cut Logos

If you want to quickly produce quality signage for your business, consider making the switch to laser cutting. It’s a method that numerous businesses trust, and you can utilize a variety of materials when creating your logo. Here are some of the best materials for laser cut logos that will bring your design to life.


Wood is a classic medium you can use to portray your logo, allowing you to have a durable and vintage-looking design. Wood also comes in several shades and densities depending on the type of wood you choose. Less dense woods are easier to cut than denser ones, but hardwoods are the perfect candidates for engraving. Other wood options such as medium density fibreboard—known as MDF—and plywood can also be used.


Leather is used in all sorts of industries—from clothing to tools to home goods. Due to the unique properties of leather, laser cutting and laser marking make it a perfect material for placing a decorative logo. Durable and flexible, leather lasts long and has a certain aesthetic quality that other materials just do not.


One of the most versatile materials, acrylic comes in all colors and thicknesses, including mirror acrylic with a reflective finish. This is a great choice for those looking to create a sleek, shiny logo. Acrylic is a very durable choice as well. The only drawback is that it is easy to scratch, so if you do go with acrylic, be sure to handle your logo carefully.


Often the cheaper option, paper or cardboard allows you to customize more easily than other materials. It is also more lightweight and can adhere to surfaces well compared to other options such as wood. Also, paper and cardboard can be painted, creating virtually endless possibilities in color, texture, and finish. The downside to using paper is that it is not as durable and often tears or bends.

No matter which option you choose, the best materials for laser cut logos are the ones that make sense for your brand. When you select a material to laser cut or engrave, you are also communicating the style and tone of your logo. Try out a few samples to see what fits best. Laser cutting is a great way to make a precise and beautiful logo.

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