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Top Reasons To Wax Your Car (Even When You’re Not Detailing)

Top Reasons To Wax Your Car (Even When You're Not Detailing)

Careful car owners know the value of keeping their rides clean but truly invested car owners know the value of going the extra mile. Of course, we’re talking about car wax—that little extra tube of something special that you apply to your car’s exterior after washing. While car wax is often associated with detailing your car, there are plenty of reasons to wax your car every few months, whether you’re detailing the car or not.

Protects Your Car From the Environment

There are plenty of things around your car every day that are looking to do damage to your car’s beautiful paint job. From road salt to brake dust to bird droppings to gravel roads, little debris that seems harmless at a distance can get kicked up and chip away at your car slowly. Wax creates an extra layer between your car’s clear coat and the world, making these little things less likely to do damage.

Makes It Easier To Wash Your Car

The extra wax barrier doesn’t just stop debris from scratching your car—it keeps it from sticking. This means that debris will slide off much easier when it comes time to wash. Dirt and grime that might have taken a lot of elbow grease to remove before won’t require nearly as much effort.

Blocks Sun Damage

Keeping dust and debris off your car’s exterior isn’t the only way that wax protects your car’s paint job. Just like wallpaper or window curtains, a car’s paint can fade when left in the sun and heat for too long. After a time, the whole paint job can become damaged. Adding an extra layer of wax will help protect the car from sun damage.

Improves Your Car’s Resale Value

Protecting your car from debris, dust, and sun damage will ensure your car stays in better condition longer, and a car in good condition sells much better than a dirty or damaged car. Consider adding car waxing to your list of regular maintenance tasks that keep your car running, along with regular oil and air filter changes.

Makes Your Car Shine

The last reason to wax your car is the simplest—wax your car for the fun of it. Car wax makes your car shinier, and shiny cars are more fun to drive. Not only that, but different kinds of wax make different car colors stand out more vibrantly, from hotrod red to sleek, sophisticated black. Who wouldn’t want to drive a car that looks good?

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