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Why You Still Need To Learn To Drive Stick

Why You Still Need To Learn To Drive Stick

As Americans, we drive our cars so much it is an ingrained part of our culture. We race cars of all shapes and sizes, every movie has a car scene it in, and we drive our own cars thousands of miles a year. Driving has become mundane, though. The automatic transmission has changed the driver from an active participant to a passenger in a car. In the old days, there was no automatic transmission, and everyone knew how to drive a manual. It was that or you didn’t know how to drive. Now, fewer people know how to drive stick than ever before. That’s why you still need to learn to drive stick, for history, and for America!

The Best Anti-Theft Device

No one knows how to drive a stick shift anymore, making cars with stick shift almost impossible to steal. Think about it – some punk kid comes along and wants to steal your ride but can’t drive stick. Now your car is safe as he settled for the Audi that is an automatic instead. Having a manual transmission car is the best anti-theft device possible these days.

Survival Skills

Picture it, the zombie apocalypse happens and there is carnage in the streets, people running everywhere. Your only hope is to grab a car before the zombie horde is upon you. Oops, this car is a stick, and now you’re zombie dinner. Seriously though, if ever there’s an emergency, knowing how to drive stick means you can drive anything to safety.

It’s Totally Fun

Stop being a passenger in your own car and become a driver again. Driving a manual transmission makes driving a physical activity that requires coordination and timing. You become more aware of the road ahead of you and the other cars because of it. You must be ready to shift gears before something happens. Instead of slouching forward and barely awake, you are now a road warrior.

The Coolest Cars Are Stick

Do you know what kinds of cars are stick shift? The coolest ones. That’s why you still need to learn to drive stick, if not for another reason. Ferrari, Corvette, Porsche. Lamborghini, and classic American muscle cars all come with manual transmissions. Don’t pass up a chance to drive one of these beauties because you don’t know how, as it could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Use the Skill Elsewhere

If you know how to drive a stick shift, you can use that skill in another place, like for riding motorcycles. It’s the same thing, and if you can do one, you can do the other. Think about parking that new sled next to your Shelby Mustang with the transmission upgrades in the garage.

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