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How To Enhance Your Home Before Winter

How To Enhance Your Home Before Winter

The statement “winter is coming” means something different to everyone—you might be excited for snow, detest it, or merely be a fan of Game of Thrones. Whatever your relationship with snow, ice, and cold weather looks like, there’s no denying it’s coming—is your home ready? It’s vital that you know how to enhance your home before winter. Don’t wait for the first deep freeze; take action today to save yourself the future frustration.

Sweep Your Chimney

Cold weather means it’s time to start using the fireplace again, but when was the last time you got your chimney professionally cleaned? Over time, your chimney gets packed with soot, dust, and debris, which can become a fire hazard. Call a chimney service before it starts getting cold and you start throwing wood in the fireplace.

Clean Your Gutters

The winter almost always brings a ton of rain with it, and the last thing you want is clogged gutters. They may not seem like a big deal at first, but they become an issue when they start overflowing. Gutters are there to prevent water from overflowing and accumulating by your foundation. If the water sits by your foundation wall, you’ll begin noticing more seepage in your basement, cracks forming, and cracks spreading faster.

Seal Your Basement

Everyone with a basement should have a professional waterproofing service come out to inspect their basement. A professional service will take care of sealing cracks and waterproofing. There are several reasons you should waterproof your basement before winter. One is to prevent foundation problems and leaks. Additionally, sealing and filling cracks in your foundation can prevent moisture from seeping through and making cracks worse.

Take Care of Any Window or Door Drafts

Finally, everybody has a drafty window or door in their home, and now’s the time to fix it. You could hire a professional window sealing company or replace the windows. If you want a more economical option, companies such as 3M make great window clings that seal out drafts. As for doors, all you need to do most of the time is replace the weather stripping, which is cheap and easy.

Now that you know how to enhance your home before winter, you’re going to have a more comfortable home. In fact, if you take care of these projects early, you’ll have more time this winter to do whatever you want.

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