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Essentials for Beginner Horse Riders

Essentials for Beginner Horse Riders

If you’ve just started horseback riding, you may be overwhelmed by all the equipment available. If you are a beginner rider, there’s no need to buy all the expensive equipment options from the start. Start with the essentials for beginner horse riders to work your way through the ranks before buying loads of equipment.


The first piece of essential equipment is a good pair of boots. Leather boots are a great option for keeping you balanced and keeping your feet from slipping out of the saddle’s stirrups. Make sure the boots have a good tread and at least a one-inch heel.

Riding Pants

Riding pants do not have seams along the inside of the pant leg and often have grippy material on the inside of the knee. These attributes will keep riders comfortable and in a secure position on the horse.


Getting adjusted to holding onto leather or rubber reigns can make your hands sore at first. Holding onto the reigns can also make your hands sweaty and make it hard to properly grip. A good pair of gloves will protect your hands and help you adjust to holding new, stiff reigns.


A helmet is a crucial piece of equipment for all levels of riders. Purchase a helmet to protect yourself from a brain injury. Any old helmet or an ill-fitting helmet will not help in the event of a fall, so it is important to get a properly fitted horseback riding helmet.

Safety Vest

When learning to ride, falls are inevitable. A safety vest will protect your chest, vital organs, and absorb the shock of hitting the ground.


If you are committed to becoming an intermediate rider, consider getting your own saddle. Sharing saddles at the stables means your favorite saddle will not always be available and you will have to adjust it every time you ride. Choose a horse saddle that best fits you and your needs.

Picking out must-have equipment is the first step in becoming a horseback rider. Getting the essential equipment for horse riding requires a much smaller investment than buying all the recommended items at once and allows you to grow your collection as your skills grow.

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