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Essential Equipment for an Auto Repair Shop

Essential Equipment for an Auto Repair Shop

Any successful business needs the right tools and equipment to survive. The same holds true for an auto repair shop. Choosing the best equipment for your auto repair business will keep the customers satisfied and your employees comfortable. This checklist of the most essential equipment for an auto repair shop will make creating a shopping list easy and start your new business on the right foot.

Car Lifts and Jacks

When someone thinks of an auto repair shop, the first piece of equipment that comes to their mind would probably be the iconic car lift. Full car lifts are necessary for properly performing diagnostics that require a mechanic to check underneath the car. They allow for a mechanic to have plenty of space and light to see problems that they might otherwise miss with just a couple of jacks and a flashlight.

Make sure your car lift can handle the full weight of your customers’ cars. A typical small auto repair business will keep a scissor lift in the garage. Scissor lifts are completely collapsible and will take less space than a two-post or four-post lift.

Sometimes, all a job will call for is a humble car jack. Always keep sturdy car jacks in the shop. Though they’re simple devices, you still need jacks to be reliable; otherwise, you risk mechanic injury or car damage.

Air Compressor

Most of the essential equipment for an auto repair shop, including the car lifts, will need compressed air to function properly. Air compressors vary from large, industrial sizes to small, home garage-sized units. As a small repair shop owner, you will likely need something in between. Use the knowledge of how many tools you will be using at any given time along with the types of tools you’ll be using to determine what kind of air compressor you need to buy. The utility of many tools—like impact wrenches and saws—will depend on your decision.

Engine Hoists

Engines are far too heavy to handle with your bare hands. The use of an engine hoist will help you gently place or remove the engine from the vehicle with few problems. Make sure that the base of the hoist is stable and won’t easily bend or break due to weight.

Car Jumper and Battery Charger

Outside of a car repair shop, a battery will be jumped by the method of attaching jumper cables to another car. In the auto repair business, you don’t need to rely on that method to jump or charge a battery. There are battery charging units that are big enough for your store’s garage and are designed only to jump vehicles. Charging or jumping a battery can save your customers more money than they would spend on buying a new battery. Build up your trusted customer base by avoiding jumping to conclusions and trying the low-cost options first.

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