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Outdoor Activities for the Fall

Outdoor Activities for the Fall

The fall season is a time of change. The leaves change colors and the weather follows. It’s also a period during which the amount of time spent outdoors suddenly decreases. With winter right around the corner, you want to spend as much time as you can with nature before it gets too cold. If you’re looking for some ideas on outdoor activities for the fall, read through the list of suggestions below.

Arts and Crafts

A great way to combine the season with creativity is by using natural fall elements in crafting projects. You can spend some time outdoors looking for your favorite fall leaves. Collecting leaves for art can be used in various ways. Below are just a few ideas for your next crafting session.

  • Iron your favorite leaves. Once they cool, paint them using acrylic paint and add them to a canvas.
  • Flatten your leaves by storing them under your bed or in between a thick book. Once they appear dry and flat, add them to a scrapbook or picture frame.
  • Painting leaves is a great way to begin a bigger art piece. Utilize them creatively to make turkey feathers or a fall wreath for your front door.

Time at the Park

A simple way to spend more time outdoors during the fall is to spend time at the park. Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons. Allow yourself the pleasure of seeing nature in action. Visit your local state park for amazing sights and a nature walk.

Or, it can be as simple as visiting your community park. Many parks offer various amenities, such as paths for walks, equipment for exercising, and open fields for intense runs. If you have small children, playgrounds provide great ways to enhance your child’s fine motor skills. Give them a fun afternoon that will immerse them in nature and encourage their healthy development.

Apple Picking

A fall tradition you can’t miss out on is apple picking. It’s a great way to gather your family and start traditions. It’s child-friendly and a fun way to spend more time in nature. Another benefit to apple picking in the fall is that these fruits are in season—now is the time they’re the sweetest and freshest. Be sure to gather plenty for all your baking and cooking needs.


Lastly, the most immersive way to spend more time outdoors is by going camping. Be sure to pack all the essentials and layer up. The nights are a lot cooler in the fall. You can do various activities while camping that will make you appreciate the fall even more, such as the following:

  • Fishing
  • Kayaking
  • Exploring

Now that you have a few fall outdoor activities in mind, start planning the rest of the season with fun things to do.

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