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Reasons You Might Not Be Sleeping Well in Your Dorm Room

Reasons You Might Not Be Sleeping Well in Your Dorm Room

Dorm rooms are one of the most uncomfortable places to sleep. Most notably, this has to do with the configuration and nature of dorm rooms themselves, but thankfully there are a few ways to fight the lack of sleep you’ve been getting. Here are a few reasons why you might not be sleeping well in your dorm room and how to fix it.

Your Room Is Too Hot or Too Cold

Dorm room temperature control can be tricky. Many dorms don’t have air conditioning, and since they’re so small, they heat up pretty quickly. In the warmer months, put a box fan in your window, and use a small tableside or clip-on fan to keep you cool.

If you notice your dorm room is way too cold in winter months, using a portable heater or warm, heavy blankets will do the trick.

Those Old Dorm Mattresses

Your mattress could be the reason you might not be sleeping well in your dorm room. College mattresses aren’t the most comfortable option. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to make your mattress more comfortable, such as adding a mattress topper.

There’s Too Much Light

Whether it’s from the window or your roommate who stays up all hours of the night, too much light can make it difficult for your brain to shut off. Our bodies go through a natural rhythm called our circadian rhythm, which helps determine our sleep patterns. If you’re around too much light late in the evenings, your body may still think it’s time to be awake.

Talk with your roommate, and use an eye mask to block out excessive light.

You Have Noisy Neighbors

Living in a dorm means you’ll be in close quarters in a building that most likely has thin walls. Block noisy neighbors out with earplugs or some soothing white noise.

Most dorms will also have quiet hours, during which resident hall assistants monitor noise levels.

College Habits

Relying on caffeine, working on assignments late at night, and maintaining poor eating habits are common themes of college students. Caffeine and poor snack habits can result in an inability to fall asleep. Instead of waiting to do your assignment at midnight while snacking on some greasy pizza, aim to start your work a few hours early, and pick some apple slices to replace the pizza.

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