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Fun Birthday Party Ideas for Adults

Fun Birthday Party Ideas for Adults

Gathering in groups to celebrate special occasions won’t be a smart thing to do until at least some time in 2021. If your birthday was a subdued, socially distanced affair in 2020, consider some of these fun birthday party ideas for adults once celebrating in a group is safe again.

Host an Outdoor Movie Night

If the weather cooperates, your backyard can substitute for the cinema. Hang a white sheet with a few plastic poles or a shower rod to make a screen, and splurge on a quality projector that will hook up to a streaming device. Theme the night according to your tastes in film. Westerns, romance, adventure, or mystery all provide opportunities to extend the theme into décor or even costumes for your guests.

Float on a Boat

Living near a lake or the seashore provides a perfect opportunity to plan a boat party. Book a party boat excursion and leave the nautical know-how to the professionals, while you and your friends enjoy the scenery and the breeze.

Try a Tasting

Work with local specialty caterers to create a tasting of your favorite food or drinks. You could create flights of chocolate, wine, or spirits. Pair the flights with small snacks that complement them – perhaps fruit for the chocolate, cheeses for the wine, and nuts or steak kebobs for the spirits.

Do Something Seasonally Sensational

Birthdays fall at any time of the year. Celebrate your birthday with an activity that emphasizes the best of the season. In the spring and summer, visit botanical gardens or berry farms. Autumn is for apples, pumpkins, and hiking, while winter may offer opportunities for skating and competitive snowman building. Choose your favorite seasonal activities and share them with friends and family to celebrate your special day.

Have a Dance Party

Hire a tribute band that can recreate the hits from your favorite musical era, and set up your yard with a party tent and a dance floor. This idea is great for milestone birthdays, when friends like to remember what things were like way back when.

Give Back

If making a big deal of your birthday seems a little over the top for a grown-up like you, why not make someone else’s day? Volunteer your time to serve meals to the homeless, pack books and school supplies for disadvantaged kids, or pay a visit to a senior center and fill out a table for a game of cards.

Kids shouldn’t have all the fun. There are many ways for adults to celebrate their birthdays. These are just a few ideas for fun birthday parties for adults. Use your creativity and come up with a way to mark the day that expresses your personality.

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