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4 Ways To Declutter Your Office

4 Ways To Declutter Your Office

An overly messy office can lead to decreased productivity in employees, lower efficiency, added stress, and a poor brand reputation. Extra organization and a clutter-free space will drastically improve your business. Here are a few ways to declutter your office space.

Audit the Space

Conduct an audit of your office space to determine what items are must-haves and what can go. Is there a common area that nobody uses? Get rid of the bulky furniture and tables that have become an eyesore and use the area more productively. Make it a restock station for employees to load up on pens and Post-its, or simply enjoy a more open-concept office.

Get Cables Under Control

The sight of tangled bundles of cables under everyone’s desks is a nightmare for IT employees. When people encounter a technology problem, the giant mess of cables makes it much harder for an IT employee to get to the root of the issue. Organization boxes, zip ties, and professional cable organization systems can help keep cables neat and orderly.

Go Digital

Sorting through stacks of paperwork can take a lot of time out of an employee’s day. It can also lead to errors, lost documents, and a growing need for big bulky filing systems. Using a digital document scanning service easily transitions your paper office into digital files for a paperless and clean office space.

Keep Common Spaces Clean

Decluttering your office space also means keeping everyday community spaces clean. One of the best ways to declutter your office is to delegate tasks to employees. Each week, assign one person to a duty such as cleaning the kitchen space and restocking items. Depending on the size of your business, putting everyone in the rotation will give each employee a fair break between their next turn. Employees shouldn’t have to dread cleaning duty.

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