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Warning Signs Your Car Needs Service

Warning Signs Your Car Needs Service

When we are sick, our bodies display symptoms that act as warning signs that something is wrong. Just like us, our cars show signs when something is not working correctly. Here are a few common warning signs your car needs service.


If you notice spots on the ground where you usually park, you might need to schedule an appointment with a mechanic. A bright green leak can indicate leaking coolant, and darker substances can signal a more significant problem with your vehicle’s engine or oil.

A Dashboard Light Is On

Most up-to-date cars provide specific indicators of what is wrong through our dashboard lights. The yellow check engine light means a vital service is needed immediately and you should stop driving until the problem is fixed. Other lights like the low tire pressure light are less urgent reminders to follow up on routine maintenance soon.

Your Car Is Making an Unusual Sound

As the primary driver of your car, you are probably familiar with what your vehicle sounds like as it runs. Any unusual noise such as screeching, squealing, or chugging, is most likely a tell-tale sign that something is not working as it should.

Signs of Smoke

Your car should not emit smoke from under the hood. Smoke under the hood is a sign that your car’s radiator requires service. Similarly, your car should not have excess smoke coming from its exhaust pipe. This smoke is a common sign of an oil leak.

Vibrations or Shaking

The final warning sign that your car needs service is vibrations or shaking. There a plenty of reasons why your car may vibrate or feel shaky, ranging from poor tire quality to a simple fix like a loose nut or bolt. Either way, it could be hard to ignore the uncomfortable ride.

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