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How To Have the Perfect Backyard Wedding

How To Have the Perfect Backyard Wedding

Many couples have been forced to postpone their large weddings because of the COVID-19 pandemic. For those who can’t wait to tie the knot, smaller backyard weddings have become the norm, but transitioning to plan a backyard wedding can add a lot of stress to your perfect day. Here are a few tips on how to have the perfect backyard wedding.

Follow a Theme

If you already had an indoor wedding planned, you most likely already had your theme picked out. If so, simply transfer your theme into a backyard setting. Otherwise, use the outdoor scenery to your advantage when planning a new theme, such as a rustic theme that highlights the trees’ color or surrounding landscape.

Consider the Weather

As winter comes around, outdoor weddings aren’t always the best option unless you thoroughly plan. To have the perfect backyard wedding, despite the cold weather, rent a few tents with covered sides and heaters to keep yourself and your guests warm throughout the ceremony and the reception.

Light It Up

One of the unique things about an outdoor wedding is the creative freedom you have when deciding on lighting. From string lights to spotlights, play around with innovative lighting that will highlight your outdoor setting’s unique features.

Bring the Fun Outdoors

Just because your wedding is outdoors doesn’t mean you can’t bring a few of the staples of an indoor wedding outside. Create a flat, smooth dancefloor for dancing, so that brave heel-wearers don’t end up sinking into the grass. Consider setting up a small stage or dais for speeches and adding a photography backdrop for a perfect place for your guests to capture the fun of the night.

Personalize It

Condensing your big wedding plans into a smaller outdoor wedding means you’ll have more time to consider personal details you might not have had time for otherwise. For example, set up photos and memory boards of special moments between you two for guests to enjoy.

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