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Why Calibration Is Important for Your Lab

Why Calibration Is Important for Your Lab

Calibration is a vital means to ensure that the instruments necessary for measuring data read accurately. This goes for instruments such as gas readers, lung- and heart-measuring equipment in the medical industry, and, especially, instruments used in labs to procure gas mixtures and other solutions. Without calibration, a number of problems could devastate multiple industries. To learn why calibration is important for your lab, read below.

It Saves Companies Money

The main purpose of calibration for any instrument is to ensure it reads data accurately. This goes for any type of lab, whether it’s for manufacturing or research. Errors not only raise safety concerns but also send large amounts of money down the drain. If lab workers fail to calibrate their equipment, this could result in completely inaccurate and useless data. This means the time and cost of materials that went into that procedure were wasted.

Errors due to lack of proper equipment calibration can also create unusable parts in a manufacturing lab. Over time, this adds up to lots of lost money for the company, which could have been easily prevented.

Improves Safety

One of the most obvious reasons why calibration is important for your lab is safety. Failing to calibrate equipment can affect your safety in a variety of ways. If you’re working with hazardous materials to create special solutions, uncalibrated equipment can put you in significant danger. The slightest error in measurement could result in serious accidents and injuries, as many hazardous materials are unstable. If you’re producing a product such as a calibration gas and you did not calibrate your own equipment, this could have bad results. Calibration gas itself is a vital product used to calibrate equipment such as gas readers and medical tools, and it must be measured only by the most reliable equipment.

Makes Your Instruments Last Longer

In the end, one of the consequences of not calibrating your equipment is that your equipment won’t last as long as it could. Over time and use, devices will lose their accuracy. Calibration sets devices back to their original measurement standards. This allows you to continue using the equipment rather than having to toss it and replace it with new, expensive equipment.

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