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How To Make Your UTV More Powerful

How To Make Your UTV More Powerful

The manufacturers craft your UTV to handle rough terrain, but there are many ways to develop its capacity beyond factory settings. Increasing your UTV’s engine performance is the best way to enhance your off-roading experience, so this is how to make your UTV more powerful.

Turbocharge Your Engine

Engineers manufacture every engine’s exhaust system to expel excess fumes. However, increasing the airflow into your engine at the beginning can increase the engine’s performance. The basics of turbocharging rely upon the foundational functionalities of a vehicle’s engine. Essentially, turbo engines utilize a turbine and air compressor to pack air into the engine block. This increases the force each piston generates, thereby increasing the power output of your UTV engine.

Find a Better Air Filter

Though turbocharging maximizes air pressure in your engine, the air must come from somewhere. Typically, outside air is full of small debris and dirt that must filter out—otherwise, you can have unwanted objects in your engine. Your default air filter will certainly perform well and do its job. However, you can increase performance by allowing more airflow into the engine through the air filter. But be careful! You do not want a filter that will allow higher amounts of air inside at the expense of quality filtration. Find a filter that will strike the right balance between airflow and protection.

Install a Big Bore Kit

A big bore kit is one of the few ways to increase the true size of your engine without using an entirely new and larger engine. Big bore kits increase the bore of the cylinders and utilize larger pistons. This increased volume allows for a bigger boost in energy and performance. Installing a big bore kit can take more time compared to these other engine enhancements, but it is well worth the wait.

Know how to make your UTV more powerful and find the right solution for your off-roading vehicle. There is no limit to the customizations and enhancements you can make to feel the excitement of a powerful drive.

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