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2 Best Ski Destinations for Beginners To Visit

2 Best Ski Destinations for Beginners To Visit

Missouri has a lot of great vacation opportunities, but if you want to cross skiing off your bucket list, you’re going to have to travel out of state. Fortunately, the rest of the nation is full of incredible resorts for you to visit. Keep in mind that not all ski destinations are created equal. For first time skiers, you want to book a stay at a mountain that accommodates beginners. From easy trails to friendly instructors, there are many details to look for while planning your first ski trip. The good news is that some of the top resorts in the country also have great opportunities for newbies. Choose the perfect place to develop your skills with these two best ski destinations for beginners to visit.

Beaver Creek Resort – Colorado

While some ski resorts keep their beginner slopes at the bottom of the mountain, Beaver Creek wants visitors of all experience levels to enjoy the view from the top. A high plateau in the area creates the perfect space for gradual slopes and other beginner terrain. This means that even first-time skiers can enjoy the crisp mountain air and glorious alpine views, offering a true Colorado ski experience—even if you never leave the beginner slopes. World-class lessons and friendly trainers also work to make Beaver Creek a welcoming place for anyone who steps foot on the mountain. Be sure to pack everything you need for a Colorado ski trip, and the folks at Beaver Creek will be ready to welcome you into the fold.

Big Sky Resort – Montana

While Lone Peak might look intimidating on the horizon, the surrounding resort is easily one of the best ski destinations for beginners to visit. While you might not make it to the top of the mountain on your first trip, there are 882 acres of beginner skiing on and around the lower mountain. Don’t worry—the rugged Montana scenery is breathtaking at any elevation. Plus, Big Sky Resort tends to be off the beaten path, which means you don’t have to deal with crowds as you’re getting your ski legs. During your stay, you can take lessons with a certified professional instructor. Big Sky is home to a fantastic array of lodges, condos, and homes to make your vacation as simple and comfortable as possible.

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